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Mahjong is arguably the best multi-player skill game ... ever!

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Mahjong originated in China and is normally played with four players. The game itself is based on strategy, skill, calculated risks and a little luck thrown in for good measure.

It's becoming a very popular game of skill that can be played online. This site aims to help you learn how to play, show you where to play and, if you're a regular players, show you how to play better than before.

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Find out how to play with our overview below and then explore and discover the rest of our mahjong packed pages to find out how and where's best for playing mahjong online. You'll find the best sites taking into account design elements and facilities combined with fantastic graphics and state of the art gameplay!

Mahjong Overview
To win the game, a player must successfully build complete suits of tiles. The first player to do this wins.

Mahjong has many varied spellings and hyphenated forms, all of which are correct and have originated from different areas. Common spellings of Mahjong are mah-jong, mahjongg, majiang, mah jong or mah-jongg. Cantonese spellings include, Màhjeuk Májiàng and Màhjeung.

The oldest version is Chinese Classical Mahjong and the most common version played is Cantonese or perhaps Hong Kong Mahjong. There are many other variations with slight differences in the rules. Online, Chinese or Hong Kong Mahjong are the most popular games played.

Mahjong is played by and enjoyed by millions of people all around the World and now with the the specialist internet sites offering the game, there's a game available to play, anytime!

It appeals to those who like a little strategy and intellectual thinking when playing a game. If you haven’t tried playing Mahjong online, then why not start finding out more – right here, right now!

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