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Mahjong Rules - The Quickstart Guide

This very brief quickstart guide of Mahjong Rules will give you a brief idea of how to play and get you started playing quickly.

Online Mahjong Sets consist of 144 tiles which includes 8 bonus tiles.

The tiles are divided into three tile types which are Honor, Bonus and Common tile sets.

These tiles contain characters including, but not limited to numbers, flowers, wind tiles and bamboo tiles.

Each player is dealt a total of 18 tiles, the remaining tiles are made into a mahjong wall. As the game progresses, tiles are removed from the wall to build players hands.

Tiles can either be picked from the wall or taken from the discarded tile area to build hands. Sets are created when revealed. Scores are determined and the points shown.

Mahjong Club, the mahjong site featured to the left of this page follows the popular Hong Kong rules or Cantonese rules.

The winner is the player that makes the matched sets and forms a winning hand before the other players in the game do.

Tile sets are matched to make either Pongs (a set of three tiles,) Kongs (a four tile set), Chows (a run of tiles,) and Eyes (a pair of matching tiles.)

The winning hand is the first player to make a combination of these with all their tiles!

Use these quickstart mahjong rules to get playing quickly or read more in depth rules with our other rules pages.

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